Ellison Sports Medicine I

Therapeutic Modalities

Power Point presentation over Chapter 12 – Therapeutic Physical Modalities

Therapeutic Physical Modalities PPT


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Assessment and Evaluation

His is a link to the power point on Assessment and Evaluation, Chapter 11

Ch11 2

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Nutritional Supplements and Performance Enhancers

Just in case you missed part of the presenation today, here is a link to the power point.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Nutritional Supplements Power Point

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The Week of 10/12/09

Monday 10/12 – No SCHOOL!   Student Holiday

Tuesday 10/13- Nutrition Lecture and turn in Interactive Notebooks

Wednesday 10/14 – PSAT Testing/short classes

Thursday 10/15- Nutitional Supplement Lecture/Nuturition Quiz Review

Friday 10/16- Nutrition Quiz

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Testing and such

Due to TAKS testing, we have not been able to finish our lecture on Nutrition and the Athelte.  We will finish this lecture next week as well as start talking about Nutritional Supplements.  I will post some questions for you to think about on Monday…

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Nutrition and the Athlete

This week, we will begin our discussion over nutrition for athletes, supplements, fad diets, and eating disorders as we progress through the world of athletic training and sports medicine.  Many times ,we associate obesity and other disorders with genetics.  While we are all predisposed to many condition through genetics, it is also our environment and choices that have a role as well. 

Some things to think about:

What is nutrition and why should athletes have a nutitional plan?

How does one gain or lose weight safely?

What is the food pyramid?

How many servings of each food group should an athlete consume?  How about the average person?

What are fad diets?  Do they work?

What is the female triad?

We will need our interactive notebooks this week, as we will be taking many notes.

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Power Point over Prehabilitation and Preseason Conditioning

Here is the link to the power point presentation over this weeks lecture, should you have any questions.

Prehabiliation and Preseason Conditioning

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Tomorrow’s Topic (9-23-09)

As we progress through the first several chapters, you will notice most of the stuff we are discussing deals with the administrative side of sports medicine and athletic training.  It is important to remember that all the pieces of the puzzle will start to come together.

Tomorrow we will begin to discuss Prehabilitation and Conditioning.  Prehabiliation is very similar to training for a specific sport!  Some things to ask yourself:

What is the purpose of desiging an implementing a weight/cardio program?

How are they designed for specific sports?

How can this program decrease injuries?

This and more…tomorrow…..

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Monday 9/21/09

On Monday, we are going to discuss the Pre-Particiation Physical Exam and what this exam entails.  Some things to be considering are:

Why is it a good idea to have a physical for athletics?

What would disqualify an athlete from participating in certain sports?

How important is the medical history?

What sections are on the physical exam and why are they important?

this in much more on Monday….stay tuned 🙂

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Assignment on 9/18/09

If you have questions on the assignment given on 9/18, we will talk about it on Monday.

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