Ellison Sports Medicine I


On monday, we will talk about heat illness and how the affect athletes at all levels.  Some questions to think about over the weekend:

1.  How much water does the average person lose in a day?  An athlete?

2.  What are heat illnesses and how do they affect me?

3.  How can I prevent heat illnesses?

The questions and more will be answer on Monday!  Make sure you bring your interactive notebooks.


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Just in case your wondering…..

Our discussion of the roles and responsibilities of an athletic trainer go well beyond the many things we went over today in class.  Athletic trainers are part physical therapist, part sport psychologist, part nurse, part doctor, part coach, and even part parent.  There is so much that athletic trainers do that just ice and tapping – we are the foundation to any sports program.

Tomorrow (8/28/09) we will start creating our interactive notebooks for this class.  See you in class!

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Question of the day !

What is the difference between a certified athletic trainer (ATC) and a license athletic trainer (LAT)?  You may use these web pages as resources:



We will go over this tomorrow in class as we learn about the roles and responsibilities of an athletic trainer.

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Assignment for 8/25/09

The assignment (due 8/27/09) is to research the professions listed below and write a paragraph about the profession and yearly salary.  You must also write a second paragraph on how they contribute to the sports medicine team:

•Physicians • Dentist • Podiatrist • Nurse •Orthotist/prosthetist • Equipment Personnel

•Exercise Physiologist • Biomechanist •Emergency Medical   Specialists • Referees

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What is Sports Medicine?

I think this question gets asked alot because of the vagueness of careers that is encompasses.  What fields of study are under sports medicine?  What kind of education/training does one need?  How much money does each occupation make?  These are definately excellent questions, some of which we will explore this week in class.

Makre sure that you think about these questions and others that you might have in mind.  Tomorrow (8/25) we will have a lecture over Sports Medicine and Wednesday will will have our “Coffee Talk”.  Our guest speaker will be here to talk to us about their occupation and answer your questions.

Also, don’t forget to purchase a composition book for the interactive notebook.  I hope to make this a item for you to use in for studying and future use. 

See you tomorrow!

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Welcome to Sports Medicine I

Greetings and Welcome Back!

I hope that you all have had a great summer and I look forward to having you in this brand new class!  While the umbrella of sports medicine encompasses many occupations (which we will talk about), we will be going over in length the field of athletic training. 

In this class, I expect students to follow KISD and EHS student code of conduct.  We will have a combination of lectures and class discussions, as well as homework, tests, quizzes, and projects that we will be working on during the school year.  On the first day of class, I will provide details about what our future holds in this class.  What you should expect from me is to be organized and inform you of all assignments that are due. 

With this being a new class and new curriculum, I have a laid a foundation of lessons and activities that are by no means are set in stone.  We are all learning as we go!  Some of the things that will be required are turning in Interactive Notebooks once a week, participating in our Socratic Seminars, and participating in 10 hours of athletic training observation time each semester.  We will go over all these on the first day of school.  I would like for each of you to get a feel for the profession, utilize what we learn in class, and apply it.

Again, welcome back and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Coach Gonzalez

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