Ellison Sports Medicine I

Course Syllabus

Sports Medicine I

Instructor Joe Gonzalez Phone 254-336-0636
Office Athletic Training Room E-mail Joe.Gonzalez@killeenisd.org
Office Hours M-F      8 am – 8:30 am; 2 pm – 3 pm    



Introduction to Sports Medicine and Athletic Training


This course provides an opportunity for the study and application of the components of sports medicine including but not limited to: sports medicine related careers, organizational and administrative considerations, prevention of athletic injuries, recognition, evaluation, and immediate care of athletic injuries, rehabilitation and management skills, taping and wrapping techniques, first aid/CPR/AED, emergency procedures, nutrition, sports psychology, human anatomy and physiology, therapeutic modalities, and therapeutic exercise.

Classroom Rules and Procedures:


Food and Drinks:  Neither food nor drinks are allowed in the classroom.  Failure to follow this rule will result in a consequence from the teacher and/or assistant principal.

Late Work:  Lat work is not accepted.  If you are absent, you will have the allotted time the school rule books state to turn it in.  If modifications are needed they will be completed on a individual basis.

Absences:  If you are absent, you will need to find out what you have missed from the teacher.  Unexcused absences will result in a max of 50% of the assignment.

Cell Phones/Electronic devices:  Cell phones and other electronic devices are not allowed to be on in the school building.  If any of these items are seen or heard during class time, it will be taken up and given to the AP’s.  You or your parents can pick it up in the AP’s office.




Chapter tests                      9 week/Semester Test

Quizzes                                  Socratic Seminars



EAGLES Classroom Management Plan:



  1. Each teacher instruction will be followed
  2. All hands, feet, and objects are kept to yourself
  3. Get a pass and permission prior to leaving the classroom
  4. Leave any form of disrespect at the door – swearing, teasing, yelling, or rude gestures included.
  5. Each student will be in his/her seat when the bell rings ready to work



  1. Knowledge
  2. Verbal Recognition
  3. Individual Reward


Corrective Actions

First Time:            Warning

Second Time:        Teacher-Student Conference

Third Time:          Parent Contact and Detention

Fourth Time:        Teacher-Student-Parent Conference (w/AP)

Fifth Time:           Referral to AP

Severe clause:       Referral to AP


Student Expectations:

  1.  Follow EAGLE Classroom Rules
  2. Follow EHS and KISD Student Code of Conduct
  3. Cell Phones/Pagers/IPODS/ETC are turned off and put away.
  4. Participate in discussions
  5. Pay attention and ask questions
  6. Turn in assignments on time
  7. 10 hours of sport observation with athletic trainer


What to expect from the teacher:

  1.  Clear explanations of assignments and projects
  2. Facilitate discussions
  3. Engaging and rigorous lessons
  4. Communicate with you and your parents
  5. Listen when needed

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